Old Bananas, New Beginnings

by Larry Hehn on January 3, 2011

old bananasWhat do you do with your old bananas?

Bananas don’t usually last very long at our house. Our family swoops down as soon as the bananas enter the door and inhales them. Sometimes I swear we eat more bananas than the average monkey.

Sometimes, though, the bananas are a little too green for immediate consumption. For a couple of days they huddle nervously in a wicker basket as the vultures circle. As soon as their rookie green matures to a healthy yellow, they disappear quicker than the drummers for Spinal Tap.

On rare occasions – like this past week – the bananas throw us a curve. They skip the yellow stage and fade straight from green to black. This guarantees that we won’t even think about eating them.

Do you remember back in grade school, the lining up and picking of teams? That one kid who was always the last to be picked? It’s as if he turned into a banana, brought along ten clones and flopped on my kitchen table. These are the dregs of banana-dom. This is their last gasp. I’m sure at this point some people would just throw them in the garbage and never see any return from them.

What do you do with your old bananas?

Here’s what I found you can do:

  • Mash them up and make banana bread or banana muffins
  • Peel them, freeze them, and use them to make banana smoothies
  • Chop them up and throw them in your garden as fertilizer
  • Use them as a really cool blog illustration

Yep, even old and on-their-way-out bananas can still be put to good use.

So picture 2010 as an old banana. Maybe it was a good year for you. Maybe it stunk. Either way, it’s done. And even those old, wretched bananas that nobody wants to eat can still be salvaged for good.

What do you do with your old bananas?

What kind of year was 2010 for you?

What can you take from last year that will serve you well in 2011?

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