Posts with the Most – Top Blog Posts Feb 2012

by Larry Hehn on March 1, 2012

Posts with the Most Feb 2012Did it ever concern you that February has fewer days than any other month? Poor February.

It’s like Milton Waddams in Office Space.

Always getting the short end of the stick. Even when it gets a bonus day, it’s only once every four years. And even with the bonus it still falls short of the other months.


Next thing you know, February’s going to set the building on fire.

Well, before that happens, let’s give it a reason to celebrate. Let’s check out some of my favorite top blog posts from around the blogosphere from February 2012 – the Posts with the Most!

Here they are, in no particular order…

  1. “Praying for Rainbows”Tamara Out Loud hosts this heartwarming story about the joyful expectation of a young girl’s prayers – a great guest post by Jennifer of This Gal’s Journey.
  2. A Post About A Christian Athlete – Another guest post, infrequent blogger Chandler shared this gem at The Joseph Craven’s The Greatest Blog of All Time. It’s an insightful post about…you guessed it…a Christian athlete.
  3. Watering Weeds into Flowers – Not only does Tamara Out Loud have guest posts that make the PWTM charts, she also writes her own! If you’ve ever had “one of those days”, you’ll appreciate this story.
  4. The Tourist Gospel – You know how sometimes you can spot a tourist a mile away? This post is kind of about that. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary also earns extra points for the use of the word “douchepickle”.
  5. What If? – Some deep and important questions from Jennifer of This Gal’s Journey.
  6. Reaping What We Sow – One of the reasons I like PWTM time so much is that Liz from Life With Bellymonster likes it too, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Here she shares the story of a wonderful connection between mother and son.
  7. Toeing the line – I must say I haven’t read too many posts about Hitler, but this one rocks. Billy Coffey nails this insightful post about courageous living in a threatening culture.
  8. The Final Freaking RoseJamie the Very Worst Missionary tells us exactly what she thinks about The Bachelor.
  9. Can’t Find Satisfaction at Work? You’re Right on Track – David of Red Letter Believers redefines “job fulfillment”.
  10. Jesus in a White Dress – Sam Davidson asks, should we be waiting for Jesus to come back, or is He already here? (At time of publishing, Sam’s site was under construction. I’m hoping the link will be back up soon.)

Now it’s your turn.

If you were to add one more post to this list of top blog posts, what would it be?

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