A Beard for a Baby

by Larry Hehn on June 1, 2013

beardIf you’ve been hanging around Christian in the Rough over the past few weeks, no doubt you noticed I’m in the process of letting my beard grow.

Back in February I posted 5 reasons why, but I’m now pleased to announce an absolutely awesome sixth reason. Whether you are able to grow your own beard or not, you can join the fun and support a great cause in the process!

DJ and Courtney Hofmann are looking to realize their dream of adopting a baby from South Korea, and they have come up with a very creative way of raising funds – a Beard-a-thon!

I’m pleased to join more than 20 other men who have pledged to grow their beards from June 1 to December 1 in support of DJ and Courtney’s quest.

Here’s where we need your help.

International adoption costs thousands of dollars. I’m looking for at least 10 friends to help DJ and Courtney by pledging $10 per month for every month my beard grows. That comes to a $60 donation for the full six months.

If monthly sponsorship isn’t quite your thing, but you wish to make a one-time pledge, that’s ok too. Either way, just visit the Support a Beard page to make your donation.

Through showing support for your favorite bearded man, you can also help a couple achieve their dream of adopting a child from South Korea.

The whole idea kind of grows on you, doesn’t it?

On behalf of DJ and Courtney, thank you for your support! Stay tuned for monthly updates.

Find out more about DJ and Courtney Hofmann’s story or show support for your favorite beard.

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