God, my children are driving me crazy!

by Larry Hehn on May 6, 2013

frustratedSilently I screamed my prayer. “God, my children are driving me crazy!”

“They have this attitude of entitlement. Whenever they approach me with a need or want, they expect me to drop everything and give it to them NOW.”

“Sometimes it isn’t even a request; it’s a demand. Heck, sometimes they expect me to meet their petitions without even bringing them to my attention.”

“They’re ungrateful for just about everything I do for them. It’s like they expect me to hand them the world on a plate. And when I don’t, they whine and moan that it isn’t enough.”

“When I ask something of them, no matter how simple, they roll their eyes and grumble about how ‘unfair’ things are. They don’t want to lift a finger in return.”

“When I let them experience hardships, in hopes that they will learn and grow, they complain that I’ve abandoned them, that I just don’t care.”

“They ignore my instruction. It’s as if they think the rules I lay out for them are only to inconvenience and torture them. They don’t seem to realize I’m pointing these things out because I care about their well-being and want what’s best for them.”

“Seems like no matter what I do, it’s wrong in their eyes. I’m their advocate, but they view me as their enemy. They don’t want anything to do with me. I wish they could understand how much I love them.”

“God, my children are driving me crazy!”

God whispered in reply, “I know. I have children too.”

“About 7 billion of them.”

“One of them is you.”

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