A collection of cartoons I have drawn over the years.

Parenting Fail

by Larry Hehn on February 1, 2012

baby with gun

“Don’t worry, honey. The book says it’s healthy for Junior to express his anger. Besides, he’s almost out of ammo.”


Name That Toon #23 – Caption this!

by Larry Hehn on January 13, 2012

Have you ever watched the home run derby at a Major League Baseball All-Star Game?

Just before the batter launches a baseball out of the park, someone pitches it in.

Name That Toon makes me feel like that pitcher.

I just pitch a toon without a caption, and our readers hit it out of the park. Every time.

Let’s do it again!

Just click in to the comments section below, and swing for the fences by adding your best caption.

Batter up!




What would Bob Barker think?

by Larry Hehn on January 11, 2012

Pet TV

“…and remember to help control the game show host population. Have your owner spayed or neutered.”