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2013 Beard of the Year – Results!

by Larry Hehn on January 9, 2014

beard of the yearWell, the results are in. And I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded the honor of The Bearded Idealist‘s 2013 Beard of the Year!

Over the past week, 12 Beard of the Month honorees duked it out for the title of Beard of the Year by raising donations to help Live58 combat human trafficking.

It was a tremendous back-and-forth battle between February 2013 Beard of the Month Tim Bordeaux’s team and Team Larry, with the lead changing hands several times over the last few hours of the campaign.

In the end, thanks to many supporters and generous donors, Team Larry raised $300 and Team Tim raised $270. In total, the competition raised a healthy $805 toward this worthy cause.

Many thanks to Stephen Haggerty (The Bearded Idealist himself and creator of the sweet graphic you see here), for creating the forum and assembling such a quality group of bearded gents. A big shout out to Team Tim for making such a huge contribution and providing a lot of excitement to the finish. And a sincere thank you to all who offered their encouraging words and financial support to this entire campaign.

Finally, I’d like to send special thanks to Ken “The Barba” Hagerman, winner of 2012 Beard of the Year honors, whose victory last year inspired me to join this year’s competition.

I love what Stephen said in his 2013 Beard of the Year Winner post: “Any beard can look good, but it takes a special beard to actually do good.”

Hmm…I wonder what else this beard can do…


2013 Beard of the Year – Cast your vote!

by Larry Hehn on January 6, 2014

Beard of the YearWho knew that something as simple as growing a beard could be so much fun, and benefit so many good causes?

A little less than a year ago, inspired by The Bearded Idealist‘s 2012 Beard of the Year competition and a challenge from some friends and family, I started growing my beard.

Along the way, my beard has helped DJ and Courtney Hofmann raise funds to finance an international adoption. It helped me portray some members of the Duck Dynasty clan for special church announcements. And it turned me into a really sweet looking shepherd for our Christmas Eve pageant.

I even had the honor of being named Beard of the Month for November 2013!

And now, along with 11 other awesome bearded gents, I’m in the running for 2013 Beard of the Year!

Here’s the part where we get to work together and have some fun:

The Beard of the Year competition benefits an organization called Live58, which is working to help free victims of human trafficking around the world. The winning beard will be the one that raises the highest amount of donations toward the cause.

The competition is only open until the end of the day Tuesday January 7, so there’s no time to wait! To see all the beards in the competition, click here. Once there, I’d be very pleased if you would scroll down to the November 2013 Beard of the Month and click it to cast your vote.

It’s not every day you get to determine a Beard of the Year and help out a very worthy cause at the same time. Please take advantage and show your support.

If you wish to save some time, click here to go straight to the Team Larry – Beard of the Year 2013 support page.

On behalf of Live58 and Stephen Haggerty, The Bearded Idealist himself, thank you for your support!


November 2013 Beard of the Month

by Larry Hehn on November 29, 2013

Beard of the Month

What a great way to wrap up the month of November. I’m honored to announce that my beard has been named Beard of the Month for November 2013 at!

Head on over to Stephen Haggerty’s site and join the fun. Let him know what you think my Duck Dynasty nickname should be. And be sure to subscribe to his blog so you don’t miss the upcoming battle for Beard of the Year!

Many thanks to Stephen and all the recipients of Beard of the Month honors to date for building a great community, having some fun and helping out a great cause in the process. See you there!