Posts With the Most – March 2014

by Larry Hehn on April 1, 2014

posts with the mostWell, now that we’ve reached the first of April (no fooling!) it’s time to celebrate our favorite blog posts from March 2014 – the Posts with the Most!

Once again I’ve assembled my favorites of all the blog posts I read last month, and invite you to join the fun by letting us know some of your own March picks in the comment section.

One of the things I like most about this monthly feature – besides the chance to promote some great blogs and bloggers I know – is to discover new ones!

So don’t be shy, dive right in. Enjoy these stellar six, and let us know who else you think should be on this list.

Here they are, in random order…

Now it’s your turn – what were your favorite top blog posts from March 2014?


cristinas tortina shopWalk into Cristina’s Tortina Shop in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and right away you’ll notice there’s something special.

It’s not just the lively pink-with-brown-polka-dots décor.

It’s not just the picture frames along the east wall that showcase the staff and their dreams.

It’s not just the stunning selection of scrumptious cupcakes (if you happen to get there before they’re sold out!).

What you’ll notice above all else is the atmosphere.

Because the people on both sides of the counter can’t help but be excited about what owner Mary Iusso and her daughter Cristina helped launch just a few short months ago.

When Cristina was born, doctors were surprised to discover she had Down syndrome. They approached Mary and her husband with a list of things she would not be able to do.

Fortunately, in the true spirit of Things that are Excellent, Cristina’s family instead chose to focus on what she could do.

This led, just a few years later, to the opening of Mary’s brainchild: a cupcakery that “creates equal employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome, Autism and other Special Needs.”

Cristina’s Tortina Shop is so much more than a place that makes and sells outstanding desserts.

It is a place that, as their tagline suggests, showcases capabilities.

There has been quite a buzz about the shop on local media, and the word is spreading. When I visited a couple of Sundays ago, Mary shared that they were getting emails from around the world.

In the early days, they donated leftovers to a local women’s shelter. But these days there aren’t any leftovers. Cristina’s now regularly sells out of cupcakes long before closing.

The cupcakes are incredibly good (the Cioccolata is Cristina’s favorite and mine too!), but you’ll want to make the trip just to see what a difference the right attitude can make.

For more of the story and a quick peek in the shop, enjoy this video:

Yes, Cristina’s Tortina Shop is doing more than just serving up delicious desserts. They’re changing the world, one cupcake at a time.

Click here to link with them on Twitter and Facebook.

What is your favorite cupcake flavor?

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Posts with the Most – Feb 2014

by Larry Hehn on March 2, 2014

posts with the mostThe beginning of each month brings one of my favorite features – Posts with the Most. Welcome to our latest edition, where we celebrate my favorite top blog posts from around the blogosphere for February 2014!

In completely random order, I’ve assembled 4 top blog posts for your reading pleasure. Please share any of your faves from the past month that I may have missed, in the comment section.

Posts with the Most is all about connecting some great blogs and bloggers with some great readers – you!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a look back at the month that was…

  • Can’t wait to die – Billy Coffey shares some thoughts on life here on earth, and what waits beyond.
  • Grace waits. – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary continues the theme of waiting with a great explanation of the difference between “graceful” and “grace-full”.
  • I wasn’t ready for marriage – Yes, the word of the month is “wait”! Matt Walsh reveals the truth that if you wait until you are “ready” to get married, you just might never.
  • The Matter of Pants – Jan Moyer of Tough Bananas veers away from our unexpected running theme to talk about the importance of…pants. I sincerely wish I had learned this lesson years ago. I’m glad she put it into words and shared it with the world.

I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did. Many thanks to those who wrote and featured them!

What was your favorite top blog post from February 2014?